There are numerous ways that you can support Heading Home TX, a 501c (3) charity.  You can donate monthly or make an annual gift by using PayPal.  We gladly accept monetary donations to cover the cost of our care bags.  In-kind contributions for covering fund-raising event costs.   We accept working cars, trucks, motorcycles.  Also, any working hand or power tools as these will help our brothers and sisters in building their shelters and working grills will provide a kitchen for them.

Below is a partial list of our generous partners:

Thank you to all for your continued support
  • Dripping Springs United Methodist Church
  • Dripping Springs Wild Game Dinner
  • Dripping Springs United Methodist Missions
  • HEB, Dripping Springs
  • Home Depot, Dripping Springs
  • Quicksand Golf Course, Wimberley
  • The Gathering at Hudson's on Mercer 
  • Walmart, Marble Falls
  • And Numerous Individual Donors

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