Your simple act of kindness can be someone else's miracle.



Your donations allow us to purchase care bag supplies.  We welcome donations of any amount. 

You can pick up care bags to distribute yourself.  Keep one or two bags in your car and give to a homeless brother or sister at a traffic light.

We can also deliver care bags to your church for volunteers to distribute.

Donations can be made through PayPal or Facebook.  Facebook donates 100% of proceeds to Heading Home TX, a 501c (3) charity.

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Below is a partial list of our generous partners.
Thank you for your continued support:
  • Dripping Springs United Methodist Church
  • Dripping Springs Wild Game Dinner
  • Dripping Springs United Methodist Missions
  • HEB, Dripping Springs
  • Home Depot, Dripping Springs
  • Quicksand Golf Course, Wimberley
  • The Gathering at Hudson's on Mercer 
  • Walmart, Marble Falls
  • And Numerous Individual Donors