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Christmas Joy

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year filled with joy, but it can also be a very stressful and sad time of year for many. Loss of family and loved ones, emotional breakdown, loss of job, mixed with self- medication can lead to homelessness, depression and even suicide.

DSMUC Children's ministries wrapped Christmas gifts for the homeless. The gifts were nail clipping and maintenance sets and hand warmers. Each gift had a label on it signed by the person who wrapped it. This added a personal touch to let them know that there's someone out there who actually cares.

We gave the gifts to the homeless along with our red care bags which have all kinds of much needed items. We drove to the tent encampment near the airport called the Esperanza community and we also went to Oak Hill. We had wonderful visits with our homeless brothers and sisters and they were so appreciative for the care and consideration.


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