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November 2021

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year filled with joy, but it can also be a very stressful and sad time of year for many. Loss of family and loved ones, emotional breakdown, loss of job, mixed with self- medication can lead to homelessness, depression and even suicide.


DSUMC children's ministry helped us wrap Christmas gifts.   A little something that can be given to a homeless man or woman just to let them know somebody cares about them. Many of these people have not had a single Christmas gift in years. The gifts are nail clipping and maintenance sets. It is especially important that each gift will have a label on it signed by the person who wraps it. This adds a personal touch to let them know that there's someone out there who actually cares. 

October 2021

Thank you DSUMC Children's Ministry and Parents for your wonderful work putting together so many care bags.  What a great group of kids!

March 2021

Under the Lamar Bridge and Oak Hill in the Austin area providing sausage wraps, chips and water to our homeless brothers and sisters.

Lamar Bridge (2).jpg

December 2020

Visiting with our homeless brothers and sisters under the Lamar Bridge in Austin.


November 2020

Thanksgiving Heading Home TX volunteers went to the “Y” at Oak Hill (Hwy 71 & 290) and visited some our homeless brothers and sisters.  We handed out sleeping bags, socks, hats and gloves.  In addition, we handed out Jim’s Restaurant gift cards valued at $15 each with gratuity paid in advance.  A sit-down meal in a restaurant is rare for the homeless and what a nice way for them to celebrate Thanksgiving.

October 2020

Heading Home TX has a new partner in distributing our hygiene bags to the homeless.    Ross Allen, Chief of Police, Johnson City, TX has agreed to put a bag in each squad car.  The officers will distribute the bags to those in need in the city and also to those passing through. 


We are grateful to Johnson City Police Department and appreciate all they do to protect and serve.