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Christmas on the Street

The first Monday of December we had another gathering at the Y. Our turnout was really good, and we saw a lot of old friends and met a couple new ones. We were able to give out some more sleeping bags and blankets to the new folks we met. Tacos were on the menu, and everybody always loves them. Everyone that showed up got a hand wrapped Christmas present along with a hat, gloves, socks, hand warmers and some well needed supplies.

I neglected last month to thank all those who have contributed to Heading Home this last year. We are truly thankful! It is your generous support that makes what we do possible. We have a new batch of peanut, pecan, and jalapeno brittle in should you decide to give some as Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas! We are blessed!

Next month we will be returning to the Y on the first Monday of January. Lunch will be provided, and we will be distrusting more sleeping bags and blankets. As always, we will be bringing more needed supplies for our brothers and sisters. We also have been providing trash bags to help them keep their living quarters and camps clean. Camouflage tarps and paracord will also be available to help keep our brothers and sisters dry.


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