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A New Year for New Beginnings


January 2nd Heading Home made our monthly visit down to the Y. Pizza and a resupply of needed goods was on the agenda. The turnout was pretty good, and everybody made it through the Artic Blast. Most of our regular crowd was there and we had one new guest. Along with the resupply we handed out a couple more sleeping bags and hand warmers. Both were a real hit. We will continue to have sleeping bags and blankets with us every trip to the Y thru the winter. We were also encouraged to have a new volunteer show up who has a heart for the homeless. He and some of his friends maybe joining us on a future trip. We would like to thank everyone who helped us this last year either through donations, buying brittle or their time volunteering. This charity would not exist if were not for your generous support. We would like to ask you all to continue to pray for the well-being of those on the street. God Bless you all and we wish you all a Happy New Year. Text


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